My name is Helena I am an artist and crafter with an especially whimsical bent but I also live with chronic illnesses. I create to distract, to be a productive and positive force in my life and to put a smile on as many faces as I can. We all love fuzzy animals I just love to make them in some form or another as often as I can. 

My first artistic love was drawing, as a kid I was always happy drawing and making cards out of old chocolate wrappers and scraps of fabric and lace. Then when I was 12 I saw a documentary about photojournalist Steve McCurry and fell in love with the overwhelming power of the photographic image. At school I fell in love again, this time with the Bauhaus and the Avant Garde, an odd mix paired with nostalgic fauna but what is life without the odd peculiarity. 

I studied art and photography and then Art Curatorship but my second degree was a bumpy ride, it was at the start of this degree that I became ill with a nerve disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which has led to more diagnoses as time went by. My illnesses have taken a lot form me but they've given back too. I have returned to my first love drawing, learnt to sew and crochet and recently revisited cross stitch, a craft which I first learnt in Year 5.

Chronically Whimsical Tales is project I am starting in an effort to improve my illustrating and storytelling. A platform where I can explore the narratives within my images and publish a new work with it's own short story each week. From time to time I will also share my other creative and crafty endeavours and share with you my journey through art and chronic illness. I hope you'll join me in the whimsical woodland.

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