Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Follow your own advice, you were probably onto something

It happens so often, we give advice to a friend who is sad, sick or overtired but we don't hear the genuine advice that is coming out of our own mouths. You tell them to be kind to themselves. Take some time to do what they love. Talk to someone. Recharge and do something different. It may help you turn that corner you're stuck on and get back on track. These are are all cliches but cliches can exist for a reason, they come from lived experience. A shared experience that we all need to be reminded of sometimes, myself included.

This past week has been a difficult one with many peaks and troughs, which is why you missed out on meeting this charming man last week. Despite some progress my pain took over and I ground to a halt. I reverted to a routine of appointments, physiotherapy and a lot of lying down. It may sound like I basically kept it together but really this was just surviving. I am an artist, I need to be creative and make things. Despite the pain I was bored, but fortunately I remembered what I'd said to people in my life so many times before and to you dear reader not so long ago and jumped back into it. I finished some small crochet projects and started some sketches and this week got right back on track. 

In that fashion I'd like to introduce you to Mr Hedgehog, a potential neighbour for the Rabbits, he is looking for a new home for Mrs Hedgehog and their new bundles of needly babies. I think he will find the Whimsical Woodland a safe and happy place for his new family. There are, after all very few forests with a tiger guarding them.

Mr Hedgehog has just had a litter of babies with Mrs Hedgehog
And they're looking for a safe place to build a little to nest.
It looks like he likes the look of the Whimsical Woodland.

Next week we will meet more new friends and perhaps Mr Hedgehog will bring his family to live with the rabbits. Until then keep on creating while following your routine, it's makes travelling around those sharp, unexpected corners smoother.

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  1. That's right on the point, the fact of giving advices and then ''forget'' to follow them. ;)
    I'm glad that you took the time to listen to yourself and be kind!

    Mr Hedgehog have a great whiskers!! ;)