Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Productivity Through Creativity

Some days symptoms flare and plans you had meticulously arranged so that everything was correctly paced fly at great speed out of the window. On these days I push my body to crochet, stitch or draw something, no matter how insignificant, because making something out of nothing is never a waste of time. It fulfils hours and brings meaning to my day. Creating is medicine for the soul and medicine for the soul is medicine for the body. 

The rabbits of the Whimsical Woodland are entering a Sculpture Prize. They were hoping
getting into character would help them to sculpt the perfect likeness of themselves. 
Even rabbits are
this little bunny is hoping method acting will inspire him, though it isn't as easy as he thought. 
Always keep going the little rabbits in the woodland and you won't go wrong.
When my day is put to rest by flaring symptoms that pull me down nothing revives me like creating does. There is always a better day coming where plans can be rearranged and life brought back on track. It's a time to take it easy and enjoy the gentleness that comes from accepting your limits and your body.

Next week we will see who else we can find living in the woodland. The rabbits a looking for some new friends and I have heard that there are some new creatures looking for a place to live.

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