Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Evolution: Art Therapy in the Whimsical Woodland

Last year I introduced you to the first residents of the Whimsical Woodland, a place that came into being through self imposed art therapy. As is the custom at the start of the year I resolved to return to art making and as my health "evolved" I found that drawing helped me scoop up all the little parts of me that we're floating away. All this scooping eventually turned into the Whimsical Woodland, partly in an attempt to draw something other than bunnies but mostly to practice storytelling through pictures while sharing my experience as an artist living with chronic pain. 

In the spirit of living the January life it is time to renew my resolutions and refresh Chronically Whimsical Tales in the hope that my experience will be beneficial to others living with chronic pain, invisible illness and mental illness. This year I have resolved to treat my art therapy more formally, through self imposed study so that I can share my experience with you in a more practical way and in turn expand the stories of the Woodland. In my last post I spoke about letting go when you need to rest, which I still hold to be true but I think it is incredibly important to continue to make make plans and expand your work as much as possible. Just keep in mind that bumps otherwise known as flares will inevitably slow you down and excepting this slower pace is usually the fastest way through in the long run. 

So this year expect to see a greater division between posts about art and living with chronic pain and the stories of the Whimsical Woodland. However do not expect an absence of bunnies, they are the first thing I go to draw whenever I hold a pencil in my hand, this first thing I think of when my nervous system throws a hissy fit and quite frankly so deeply ingrained in my heart that there really is no hope.

Please enjoy the first official bunny of 2015 with love from Chronically Whimsical Tales.

Until next time my friends, pick up a pencil and draw something. Don't forget to leave a photo for me in the comments down below. 

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